We all want to make a difference in our world

Be that world within our own families, communities or global corporation you run.

How do we effectively influence and inspire others?

How do we find the courage to follow the urge to stand for what we believe in?



We all want to have better relationships and to be happy

Starting with your relationship with your Self we explore ways you hide our authentic self from those closest to us.

Authenticity creates Freedom and Intimacy.

Authenticity also requires forgiving ourselves for not being perfect and embracing our own 'shadow' side.

Practice being Kind to yourself.

Create Your Life instead of letting life happen around and to you

Grow your Courage.

Become friends with Fear and discomfort in the unknown.

Create Allies and ask for Help!


“Danielle's energy and vision are remarkable. She leads leaders.” 

Dr. Kerry Bennett , MD

“Danielle's leadership ability is perfection! ”

Rick Tamlyn , Leadership/Coach Trainer , The Coaches Training Institute