Originally from New Zealand, Danielle has worked as a Freelancer managing the production of Feature Film, Commercials & TV  industry since 1996. She moved to New York City in 2000, which is what led her to Coaching. Danielle now blends these two careers and NZ and NYC into a colorful life!

Danielle is fully trained and certified with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) as a professional Co-Active Life Coach in accordance with the International Coaching Federation(ICF). She also completed the year-long CTI Co-Active Leadership Program in 2008 and founded the Global Conference of CTI Leadership Graduates.

Using the image of our life as a journey in which we are the 'hero,' Danielle works with clients who want to embark on new internal or external adventures. She acts as an ally for you to break free from the confines of your conditioned 'box' and make that leap into the unknown to follow your wildest dreams.

Danielle is also an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Professional. She is an authorized facilitator of The Leadership Circle Profile and Leadership Culture Survey.

Danielle White is an inspirational leader. She has great ideas and turns them into clear visions and delivers them to the world. What I personally love about Danielle is her big vision and her commitment to abundance and success for all. Danielle is a win-win-win kind of person. She strategically designs her life and her work so that everyone involved in every part wins including, but not limited to, clients, participants, presenters, vendors, and team members.”  

 Carrie Kish , Owner , Do It Like a Girl!